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Mike Blackmer


You know, you never really know where you’re going to end up. Being a resident of Northeastern Connecticut for my entire life, I must have passed by WINY thousands of times, and to now be working here is equal parts unexpected and exciting. Locally grown in every sense, I attended Pomfret Community School, Woodstock Academy and then Eastern Connecticut State University where I graduated with a degree in History and Social Sciences. While at college I participated in student radio, which introduced me to the idea of pursuing it later on and eventually led me here.


Off the air, my passion is writing and just about all forms of electronic media. My focus is on video games, and I enjoy reviewing and analyzing them as an ever-evolving medium. I also have a bit of theatricality in me, and enjoy LARPing as well. Currently, I’m working on writing a graphic novel, so that takes up a good chunk of my time. Above all, I enjoy being creative, whether it is through my writing or expression, and my goal is to eventually create something that people truly enjoy. It’s just too important to be your own person and make a mark on those around you. Just have fun and be good, that’s all!