Ron Carson, Juke Box Gold Host

Hello to all….I’m Ron Carson….I am the host of WINY’s “Juke Box Gold” as I have the pleasure of taking you back in time when the music sounded GREAT on your radio and we make terrific memories playing your favorite songs from the 50’s, 60’s and early 70’s every Sunday morning from 6 to 11 am….

My tri-state region listeners are loyal and true as they phone in requests, dedications and call just to say hello as I enjoy a one-on-one association on the air with each member of my audience each and every week….I have been at the “air chair” piloting this show since 2015 and it suits me well since I’m a guy who is always “living in the past” on all cylinders….Nothing beats the good ol’ days for sure!!!

We feature Motown twin-spins, feel good songs, classic doo-wop sounds, one hit wonders, a block of 3 from one of your favorite artists and a trio of top 5 count downs where we look back at the songs that were on the radio on a particular day and year that we encompass which makes the show extra special for all….

AM radio is ALIVE and WELL when you tune in to 1350 AM “Juke Box Gold”….Come on over and join me for a blast from the past to kick off the 2nd half of your weekend….We also reminisce about classic TV shows and movies from the musical era we spotlight….You’ve made a life-long friend in me if you call up and we chat about “Gilligan’s Island”, “Batman”, “I Dream Of Jeannie”, “Get Smart” and “F Troop” (my top 5 TV shows of all time)….

See you this Sunday for a stroll down memory lane on “Juke Box Gold”….Tune in to 1350 AM….You can also listen LIVE on line at  and by down loading the Tune In radio app….