Hallie Leo, News Reporter/Weekend Personality

I am pleased to be part of the WINY staff! As a scrappy post-grad from Dickinson College, I started my career here as an intern with interests in broadcasting, journalism, and entertainment. A month later, I joined the news team and continue to make on-air appearances during Tuesdays and Wednesdays to laugh, snack, and dance with Mike and Kerri.    

In college, I led an improvisational comedy troupe (Run With It!) and served on the executive board for my a cappella group (The Infernos)—both groups have YouTube videos and if you decide to search for them, that’s on you. Okay, here’s a lil’ sample 😉        https://youtu.be/vtgoGrJKyOc

I earned my Bachelor’s degree in English [with a Spanish Minor] and try to apply those analytical and editorial skills to pinpoint the best angles for my news stories. In the future, I hope that I can work somewhere full-time that has the same zest for humor, community engagement, and creativity that I have experienced at WINY.

Here are a few fun facts to personalize my blurb:

Favorite Snack: Can’t choose one. Cheese Nips, Dark chocolate covered pretzels, raspberries, string cheese— I like most foods.  

Favorite Bop: Man, I feel like a Woman! – Shania Twain

Common On-Air Catchphrase: HEY!  

Favorite Color: Wine  

Thank you for reading my abridged autobiography and for listening to WINY radio!