shawn today

 Hey everybody, my name is Shawn Bourgeois and I am one of the newest members of this epic WINY team. I began as a stringer reporter in the early months of 2014 and am thoroughly enjoying the opportunity!

I was born in Willimantic on March 6, 1990, spent my first 10 years living in Willington and Andover, and moved to Woodstock in 2000. I have been homeschooled, went to RectorySchool (Pomfret) in 7th and 8th grade, and attended WoodstockAcademy for my high school years. Following high school, I took a hiatus from the Quiet Corner and spent a couple of years living as independently as I could in Middletown, Meriden, New Britain, and Berlin, working in a factory.

One day before work and before sunrise, I looked out over the valley between Wallingford and New Haven, and I pondered. The New Haven skyline was obscured by mists and large factory structures, spewing smoke. I saw this as a sign; New Haven, being world-famous as a center for education, represented learning and advancement, and the fact that I couldn’t see it—and the fact that I was where I was at the time I was—could all be owed to the fact that I was far from home and making a living in a factory.

I was blessed with the opportunity to move back in with my parents in 2011. That fall, I started going to QuinebaugValleyCommunity College, and it is one of the best things that I have ever decided to do. Originally, I hadn’t realized the importance of continuing my education after my 2008 high school graduation, but it took some worldly experience to set me straight. I just earned my Associates Degree and have been accepted to Eastern, where I plan to go for a Bachelor’s in Communications. Being a man of the arts and a spoken word poet of sorts, I decided to end my QVCC career with a bang, and organized and hosted a Music and Poetry Slam, which recently happened and was well-attended and highly-appraised. It was great! We even had a guest performer fly up from TampaBay, where he had just earned the title of Artist of the Year.

Some have future plans, but I will see where mine takes me. Whatever it is will be perfect, I’m sure, and there are many possibilities! I am not only a poet, I am an emcee (rapper/singer?), writer, photographer, nature lover, and a man of musical, social, and political interest. Much love goes out to my family, girlfriend, and friends, and to the world and everything that makes it great!