I grew up in Northeastern Connecticut, graduating from TMHS in 1994. I knew from an early age that I wanted to be involved in radio and television. I use to tape my favorite songs from the radio (it’s what we did before iTunes) and played them back as part of a mock radio show out of my bedroom. My parents thought I was a little tapped, but they embraced my passion. At the age of 15 I got my own radio show at WNRC (Nichols College Radio.) Yup, my mom had to drive me to the station for the first 6 months. Once I got my license, I started interning at WINY, spending one morning a week, making coffee and answering phones for Gary O. From there I took the lessons I learned at WINY to Dean College, where I got involved in the college radio station, WGAO- Power 88. I first took on the role as Public Affairs Director, then Asst. News Director and eventually student General Manager. While at Dean I had the opportunity to cover the Boston Marathon, the 1996 Presidential Election- which started with a trip to Dicksville Notch in NH and the MA Primary. My most memorable moment at Dean was covering a fire that destroyed a campus dormitory. I woke up in the middle of the night to the smell of smoke. I went outside and quickly learned the Thayer house was going up in flames. I ran to the radio station to grab a tape recorder and went to work. We broke the story, which was a difficult one to cover as I had many friends who lived in Thayer. As you can imagine it was quite emotional to see my friends watch their home away from home leveled like that. It was equally challenging to interview them. It’s one thing for a reporter to separate their political views from a story, but to remove yourself from such an emotional tie was a major wake up call. I still carry that experience with me today- and unfortunately have had to put that lesson to use since then.

When I graduated from Dean I made my way back to WINY, something that has become sick and twisted trend in my career! I spent about a year and a half at WINY as the afternoon news anchor/reporter before I got a job at ESPN. I worked at ESPN as a studio operator, manning a camera for shows like SportsCenter and NFL Countdown. I returned to WINY in 2004 as the morning news anchor/reporter. I really missed the atmosphere at the radio station. Between 2004 and 2006 I worked at WINY and for Metro Networks in Hartford as a news and traffic reporter. While at Metro I got the opportunity to do some on-air work at NBC 30 and WTNH. In 2006, I returned to ESPN full time as a Lead Operator- still working on shows such as SC and BBTN. I’ve also had the honor of covering live events such as the INDY 500, the Masters and the US Open at Bethpage.

I’m confident that no matter where my career takes me, I’ll always be connected to WINY. It truly is a great community radio station.